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E2290S is the leading IRS Certified & Authorized e-file service provider of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) form 2290 - Schedule 1 and form 8849 - Schedule 6. With us tax filings made easy. DO you own a fleet, try it easy to file now.

E2290S.com helps individuals, small or large accounting team.

Create your account now, and start efile 2290's, Tax Professionals and Business Owners, try for free.

We have multiple payment options to pay HVUT to IRS, and receive the digitally IRS stamped proof of payment / payment receipt (Schedule 1). E2290S provides a very simple & powerful IRS online HVUT form 2290 amendment process to perform VIN Correction, Gross Weight Increase, and Mileage Increase and receive the updated Schedule 1 within minutes.

Claiming credits through online Form 8849 (Schedule 6) for sold / destroyed / stolen / low mileage vehicles is very easy through the step-by-step E2290S e-filing wizard. Form 2290 online filing with E2290S.com eliminates excess paperwork and restores some sanity to your administrative functions.

E2290S updated portal on HVUT and FAQ's provide answers to efiler's questions and thousands of users use the site to get the accurate information about IRS HVUT form filing regulations.

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HVUT Form 2290 for Small, Medium & Large Truckers

Our e-filing workflow easily handles single truck or hundreds of truck taxes filing to support small, medium and large truckers through the standard processes.


IRS Form 8849 - Schedule 6

Use Form 8849 to claim refunds for the sold, stolen, destroyed or any low mileage vehicle(s) for which the tax was paid on Form 2290 in the past.


HVUT Form 2290 for Tax Professionals

Tax Professionals can use the multi-tenant E2290S system to manage unlimited businesses under one single account and perform HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing to receive Schedule 1.



Submit Amendments for any corrections to the VIN, Taxable Gross Weight increase, and Mileage exceeded for the previously filed form 2290.

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Why should we file it?

We have to file Form 2290 for Heavy vehicle Truck tax, which are driven in United States Free way.
This is filed yearly once for a Truck from July 1st before August 31st.
Any sold truck needs to file 2290 by the new owners.
Any New Purchased truck needs to file withing 30 days or by the end of the month purchased.
Any sold / Destroyed can file form 8849 and get the refund.
If we do not file between July 1st – August 31st or within the month of purchase they are liable for penalties.
E2290S.com helps you to e-file form 2290 easily.

SIMPLE 3 STEPS to File Your Form 2290


Gather the necessary information,
Business Information : Name, Address,
EIN (Employee Identification Number)
Truck Information : VIN (Vehicle Identification Number),
Taxable gross weight of the vehicle
Payment Information : Credit/Debit card or Account information


Use SimpleTruckTax's simple user interface to enter all your information. This step should take less than 5 minutes if you have all your information handy.


Get your IRS Stamped Schedule 1 in less than a minute!


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